LIEBE DINGE im November

Der Klassiker aus Holland! CHOCOMEL.

Der Klassiker aus England! Hmmmh! London Herb Blueberry Bliss

Meine Lieblingscreme! ich bin süchtig nach dem Duft! Dr. Eckstein Kräuter Supreme

With Omnia Crystalline, coming two years after the launch of Omnia, Blugari has conceived of a new essence, inspired by the purity of crystal. A refined, contemporary and harmonious floral in a twisted gem bottle that catches and plays with the light.
It will thrill spontaneous, determined women who enhance their beauty with a discreet touch of sensuality. (aha… ne, Gabi???)
The scent of Omnia Crystalline has been composed around notes of bamboo, nashi (an Asian fruit with a refined flavor, like a cross between pear and apple), lotus blossom and balsa.

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